Welcome to the DIG!

A lot is happening at the Michelle Smith Collaboratory for Visual Culture, and the DIG is its primary engine of creative action. The DIG, or Digital Innovation Group, is the team of Graduate Assistants working in the Collaboratory who, each semester, propose and develop projects, in consultation with the Director of the Collaboratory, that enhance the teaching and research carried out in the Department of Art History and Archaeology (and beyond) at the University of Maryland. For a good overview of projects effected in the past, check out the Projects page at the Collaboratory website (from civilization mapping in Google Earth to the “Talking About Art” video series). To see DIG Projects, click here or on the D.I.G. Projects tab above.

Artinterp.org exists to give worthy scholarly and pedagogical projects a home, even if the work does not originate with DIG. Check out the great hosted projects here or on the Hosted @ Artinterp tab above.

More projects are proposed each semester, so look for great projects to come.


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